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Creative Team: Me (Michelle Collins), Luisa Koitzsch

Visit Austin hosts an annual event for stakeholders in the tourism & hospitality industry to celebrate the accomplishments of our city. The 2023 theme: Visit Austin Fest. Austin is no stranger to festivals. Our city amplifies art, music, film, food and culture while attracting the rest of the world to come and see. Visit Austin Fest embodies Austin's love for festivals and the people that make them happen.

CCO: Serge Flores

Video Production: Arts & Labor



Visit Austin spends each year gathering data on the accomplishments of our city and industry. The annual meeting is the place to show it off. Our challenge: turn the plethora of data into an interesting and engaging video. We did this by making the data into a video hype fest that consumes the city of Austin. Take a look.


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Immersive Light & Sound Tunnel // As people enter the event center, they will walk through a tunnel programmed to mimic the feeling of a show about to start. Bright, colorful lights will gradually get brighter. The vibrations of the “crowd” will increase.  The sound of music and cheering will slowly get louder.




Sweet Spirit // The local Austin group will join us as the main performance for guests at the afterparty.

Light Dancers // The classic light dancers who frequent festivals and concerts sporting LED hula hoops, batons, etc. will make a special appearance during the music performance.

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Featured Chef // Everything is a show in Austin. Even barbeque. So let's invite one of the biggest names in the Austin food scene, Aaron Franklin, to do a live presentation of a famous dish.

Airbrush Artist // Every great show has you flocking to the merch stand. We'll put our own spin on this by having an airbrush artist design custom pieces live.

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