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Here's the lowdown.


Her full-time job is being an Art Director in Austin, TX (she loves it!)

She graduated from The University of Texas as a fresh pandemic baby with a portfolio to show from her time in the 'Texas Creative' sequence.


She put on her agency pants and went to work for Third Ear. A multicultural agency, where she art directed and copy-wrote for brands like Snicker's, M&M's, Visit Austin, Google, Knorr, Tecate & many more.

Someone once described her as "always desperate for a craft" (so true). She can't sit still for long. 

She merged her love for fashion and design as a designer for Spark Magazine. She logo designed for a variety of projects and businesses. And she fills in the gaps illustrating, pottery-ing, and cake decorating.

Her goal is to make work that makes you laugh, cry, ponder, smile. She dreams in color correction and her inner monologue is a loop of 2 song verses she heard in the grocery store that day. You should work with her.

Download her resume.

If you'd like to chat about anything or everything aforementioned... // (281) 389-9927

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