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Be Well, Beloved

Art Director: Me (Michelle Collins)
Copywriter: Izabella Speer

Moms are selfless. They often fill everyone's cups before filling their own. Beloved is encouraging moms to prioritize their own self-care –– because pampered moms make better moms. Using popular mom influencers, Beloved taps into the mom truth of having to sneak your me-time. 

Editor: Destynie Ellis


Step one was writing a song to serve as the soundtrack of the campaign. With self-care as the focus, our goal was an anthem reminding moms to steal the me-time they so greatly deserve.

Be Well Beloved
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When your baby is sound asleep and you’re tiptoeing around the house to keep it that way, it’s go time. You can finally use that tub without a little duck floating in it.  You can bring out your nice towels and even drink an entire soda by yourself. Moments of peace don’t come around often, so go nuts, Mom.


That feeling when you wake up before the kids and can actually do things for yourself in the morning, it makes you do a little happy dance on the way to the bathroom. Every moment mom gets to herself is a win! She may step on a little Barbie shoe on the way to pour herself coffee, but as long as she doesn’t hear little footsteps coming down the stairs yet, nothing can ruin this precious time to herself.

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